Everything Everything – Get To Heaven

Reviewed by James Lavender

Everything Everything appear to be a band that you can’t really pin down to any specific genre. The fact that you can’t put them in a box adds to their appeal. They are clearly a band who view their music as art and it has paid off for them with the success of their 2013 album Arc. They have stuck with this winning philosophy for Get To Heaven. However, there is an added contextual edge to this album with lead singer-songwriter Johnathan Higgs taking news stories such as the ISIS atrocities and using them in songs such as ‘No Reptiles’. Many of the songs have the feel of 80s post-punk and post-rock bands such as ‘Get To Heaven’, which could easily be a Talk-Talk song or ‘The Wheel (Is Turning Now) which reminds you of Joy Division spliced with early 80s synthpop.

The two main singles on the album, ‘Distant Past’ and ‘Regret’ reflect the dance and rock sides of their music. Distant Past has the feel of a dance song with Higgs’ rap-like vocals, fast tempo and polished sound effects which also includes bridge sounds from TV’s Star Trek. ‘Regret’ is a more traditional rock song with anthemic background vocals screaming “Regret, Regret”. Other highlights on the album include ‘To The Blade’, ‘Blast Doors’ and ‘Warm Healer’ with its funky bass rhythm.

If the album has any flaws, it is in that some of the songs just randomly stop like ‘Distant Past’ or suddenly change course as on ‘No Reptiles’ and ‘Warm Healer’. Part of me was thinking that the band were trying to be a little bit too clever with some of the production techniques on the album. Nevertheless, Get To Heaven is a worthy follow-up to Arc and shows that the band are growing in confidence.

Rating: 4/5

Recommended Track: Regret


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