Wolf Alice – My Love Is Cool

Reviewed by Andrew Scott

It feels like My Love is Cool, the debut album from London-based quartet Wolf Alice, has been in the making for a long time. Having first come across the band after a storming set at Dot To Dot Festival in Nottingham 2014, a debut album felt just around the corner. However, it appears the band have gone away and developed their sound on the road and the results are definitely worth the wait.

The band’s sound has developed from fuzzy indie rock to an intriguing mix of grunge and shoegazing. The album opener, ‘Turn to Dust’ is an atmospheric and introverted almost folk sounded track. Lead singer Ellie Roswell’s vocals are beautifully haunting. Lead single, ‘Bros’, is the standout song on the album. This song has changed a great deal from the version they released in 2014. Better production has added a new depth to the song. ‘Your Loves Whore’ comes with walls of fuzzy guitar and layered vocals, invoking memories of early 90’s shoegazing bands. The vocals on this track are reminiscent of another album we’ve reviewed this year, California Nights by Best Coast. The album continues it’s unrelenting mix of grunge and shoegazing; ‘You’re a Germ’ begins with a subdued acoustic intro before bursting into a grunge riff with screaming vocals. ‘Lisbon’ ends with a wall of fuzz and frenetic drums. ‘Freazy’ is a relaxed, summery sounding track. Another stand out track is ‘Giant Peach’. The track builds and builds before Ellie Roswell unleashes a primal scream and the band launch into a riff more befitting a heavy metal band. The only let down on the album is ‘Swallowtail’, sung by the band’s drummer Joel Amey. It’s a nice song but deflates the momentum the band had been building up to that point.

Overall, this is an assured and confident album debut. The extra time the band has spent on the road developing their sound has definitely paid off. Wolf Alice demonstrate they are capable of the not only playing but merging a range of genres. With a debut this good, the future looks very bright for Wolf Alice.

Rating: 4/5

Recommended song: Bros


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