Lords, Forever Records, Nottingham, 22.04.2017

Reviewed by Kate Haresnape

As a part of Record Store Day, Nottingham-based band Lords did a special gig for the occasion. Whilst Lords have been on the circuit for a ludicrously long time, to the point whereby reviewing them almost seems redundant they still remain fairly unnoted in terms of the press that they deserve.

Other projects have taken precedence in the last few years, such as parenting, with a ragtag band of their children being present at the gig. They added to the adorability factor tenfold (at least I hope they were their children and that the band have not taken to forming some sort of musical sweatshop).

Saturday transpired to be a nice day in terms of weather which was fortunate as the shenanigans took place outside. Lords have always been a band that translates to an audience well, they’re loud and riff-tastic and I don’t think they would mind being compared to Led Zeppelin who appear to have been an obvious influence. They are such a proficient band and always have been to the point where it is absurd that they have not received more airtime and maybe even a little Jools Holland performance, I mean c’mon, why not?!

Photographs: James Robert Birtwhistle ©

It was nice to see so many young and old faces at the venue and it does go to show how good Lords are at being inclusive and diverse. It always somewhat shocks me to hear people critically pan or commend the band from a purely musical angle after all that the band’s members have done for arts and culture in Nottingham as a whole; it is difficult to write about them as though they are just a faddy twitter post when they have contributed so much to the promotion of new music and art. They represent a bigger picture that is rooted in the grand tradition of punk D.I.Y culture and regardless of any reviews or critical acclaim that they may receive will absolutely remain strong in the subcultural archives, should anyone care to look or buy a compact disc (yes they still have songs on outdated forms of media for the collectors) they will not be disappointed.


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