Rare Monk – Rare Monk EP

Reviewed By Andrew Scott


Very rarely does a band come along whose sound perfectly complements their subject matter. Rare Monk, from Portland, Oregon have crafted an epic sounding blend of indie rock that perfectly captures the grandiose themes of their songs. Rare Monk are a band with a message. The tracks on the newly released EP deal with the effects of global warming, namely rising tides, forest fires and drought and the lack of apathy for the Earth’s future.

Opening track ‘California Will Burn’ deals with the destruction of California due to the effort of global warming. It has a great, hooky chorus, backed up by swirling guitars and powerful drumming. The standout track on the record is ‘Warning Pulse’. It’s pulsating bass line and echoing guitars build to a climax of epic proportions. The ‘Only Reason To Tour The Midwest’ concerns rising sea levels and the destruction it brings. The track’s chorus captures the feeling of what it would be like to be swept away by flood waters. Closing track ‘Light Tricks’ demonstrates a more delicate sound, showing the band capable of creating intimate songs as well as anthemic rock songs.

The band are made up of multi-instrumentalists who each add an extra dimension to the songwriting; they understand how they are able to craft songs with rich textures and interesting arrangements. We look forward to the prospect of hearing the sort of soundscapes they could create on a full album release. Their sound also feels live, which means it would translate into a great live show, so we will be eagerly awaiting their next UK show.

Rating: 4/5

Recommended Track: California Will Bur n


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