Francisco The Man, The Bodgea, Nottingham, 31.07.15


Francisco The Man are mainly known for their radio hit ‘Big Ideas’, and they have made several appearances in the UK recently, including Dot To Dot earlier this year, at the very same venue. Having missed their previous appearance, we definately didn’t want to miss this one.

Support act Willie J Healey proved to be a surprisingly upbeat warm-up act. Although he and his band were slightly late in performing, they brought a sense of ease and well-crafted tunes with them. Healey has quite a flexible and distinctive sound which meant he could easily slip from the bluesy, easy-going ‘Subterraneans’ to the rock stomping fun of ‘Greys’. Overall, they left quite an impression and I hope they perform in the area again soon.


Francisco The Man launched straight into their set with ‘In My Dreams’, an 8 minute, 5 seconds long hypnotic tune, which was played loud and proud. The band revel in their shoe-gazing wall of sound music with the screeching and chopping guitars of both lead singer Scotty Cantino and guitarist Brock Woolsey lead the way on most of their tunes, such as ‘You and I’ and ‘Progress’, however, you get the feeling is meant to be listened to and appreciate, as opposed to dance about to and enjoy. They finished on a high with ‘Big Ideas’, with it’s driving bass, heavy drums and rhythmic guitar all coming together nicely in a powerful finish.


This gig was hampered by all the acts running late, hence they were hurried sets. But the sign of a good act is making the best of the time that is given to them, and both bands undoubtedly did this.




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